Who are We?

We, as Brain Shop team, design creative, innovative and educational games for children. We define ourselves as a “child-oriented” formation. We place much importance on the cognitive effect of early childhood period games on children. We make use of approved cognitive theories in creating games that will contribute to the cognitive development of children. We closely follow the cognitive development trends and current theories across the world for producing games that meet the requirements of our age.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer original and different gaming experiences to children. With the games that we design, we aim to help children gain new perspectives. Our games have been designed to make our children, whom we perceive as our future, more productive. We strive to activate the curiosity of our children and uncover the potential that they hold. We support productivity instead of a culture of consumption and build our work on universal values at every stage.

Our Objective

We have aimed to build a better future for our children. In the innovative environment of Brain Shop Game Research and Development Laboratory; we continuously think, design and produce to achieve our objective. We make no compromises on our basic values when creating our games. We make use of scientifically accepted theories in making contribution to the cognitive development of our children. We are aware of the importance of keeping pace with the advancements. We review the current theories as well to produce original games that support the imagination of our children.

As Brain Shop team, we believe in the effect of games on cognitive education process and the power of playing. We are working to unveil the skills that our children, whom we perceive as our future, possess. We develop educational and entertaining games of high quality that open new perspectives for children. We help our children develop their talents with the games that have been built on scientific theories. We aim to contribute to the cognitive development of our children with the innovative and creative games presented in five categories.

Our Values

Cognitive Development

We design our games based on cognitive development theories such as Montessori, Neuro Education and Multiple Intelligence.

Social Impact

We work with people who can build their lives and thought systems in a social impact-oriented fashion and are open to change.

Global Effect

We design our games upon the approval of our advisory board and thus we aim to develop successful and interesting games that have been recognized at international scale.

Ethical Design Principles

When preparing games for children, we work with illustrators who create their designs with commitment to ethical principles.

Shared Information

We cooperate with experienced and effective institutions that give importance to the cognitive development process of children.