What Kind of Games are we
Developing in Brain Shop?

We have five different game categories at Brain Shop! The games target the five prominent skills of the brain. Together with kids, for the kids!

The Cognitive Theories our Game Designs are Based Upon

Montessori Education

Montessori education is based on the characteristics and individual skills of children...

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Multiple Intelligence Theory has been created by Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University...


Neuro education, based on neuroscience, focuses on the relation between the learning process and the brain…

“Starting to make small decisions that prioritize all types of games are a task that falls on us all as researchers, psychologists, educators and parents.”

World Watch Institute
EarthEd Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet


Game Categories

Selected Games

Our aim is to introduce parents to hands-on games that will interact with their children and encourage them to play with them!

Our Partners


Brain Shop
Game Research&Development Laboratory

At Brain Shop Game R&D Lab., the games are only the beginning. We know playing and games are gateways to new unknown worlds. Expose your kids to new perspectives, places, experiences and ideas, and let their curiosity ignite.

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