Art Game

This box you’re holding in your hands, maybe correcting your glasses is an art box where a three-year-old kid can acquaintance with art for the first time, a nine-year-old child can gain a perspective on art, a twenty-year-old young can develop a passion for art, a forty-year-individual can speak of art, and with which parents can play outdoors on a spring day or under a warm blanket on a winter day.


How to Play?

The player groups the masterpieces according to the artists. Selected artist’s cards are grouped into two sets. One set is put face down for the dealer, and the other is put face up. The dealer deals a card from face-down set without showing it to other players and begins to tell the details, colors, or the story of the masterpiece in his/her own way. The player who first guesses the masterpiece rings the bell and wins the card if the guess is correct.



- The ability to observe, describe, analyze and interpret
- Creativity and imagination
- Inter-family communication
- Language and speaking skills
- Child’s first acquaintance with art



The questions posed about the masterpieces during the game are of great importance for children. The crucial point is to encourage the child to look at the masterpiece for a long time, examine the colors, and narrate it with his / her own interpretation. Please ensure that the child’s communication with the masterpiece is enhanced with questions like: “Do you think that the round shapes you said they were in the sky are winds or clouds? You told the lights of the houses in the village were on, well then do you think the above object is the sun or the moon?”


In the Game Box

- At least two affectionate hearts

- 25X2 = 50 masterpieces

- Ring

- Dealer