Artificial Intelligence Game

Woppy Coding Game will be designed for preschool children (3+ years old) and parents that are looking for ways
to learn computational thinking at home. Four friendly baby robot characters will aid children along with Sirius in
discovering the invisible robots throughout the house of Brainkid – making routine tasks fun and relatable. Vibrant
yet simple illustrations will foster values such as curiosity and playfulness while stirring children’s imagination for


How to Play

- Make a choreograpy of dance moves putting them
next to each other in the order you like.

- You can repeat the same moves twice or three times if you put ‘x2’ or ‘x3’ key cards next to the dance move
you want to be repeated.

- Placing ‘x2’ or ‘x3’ in the end or in the beginning of a choreograpy means, the whole dance will be repeated
in that number of times

- Music is not essential but parents are advised to play music while playing this game to make it even more enjoyable.
Music key card means ‘end the dance when the music stops’ / keep dancing until the music
stops. Using the ‘music key kard’ music can also become an fun variable of the game.

- Once you place the dance cards under each button, The coder wearing the robotic arm pushes the button
he/she chooses.

- The dancer who wears Baby Robot mask starts doing the Siriu-dance, which is places under the
pressed button.

- Once dance completes , dancer rings the bell!


In the Game Box

- Siriu-dance move cards (x30)

- Siriu-dance key cards (13 in total)

- Cardboard prothesis to help role playing in the game

- 1 wooden button to 'start' the dances

- 1 bell