The Ecology Game

In the game, the main building blocks of the "Circular Economy" in five different
groups, namely agriculture, energy, transportation, recycling and living areas, are transformed into small
objects, so that the child is both informed and develops his imagination.


How to Play?

Step 1: The big futuristic planet opens up.

Step 2: The illustrations that will be turned into
3D pieces are prepared and put together and
thrown into the Agena game bag.

Step 3: The cards are prepared and the back
surface of 5 cards defining an illustrated version
of the sustainable world. The child chooses one
card and starts a game.

Step 4: The child will try to find and explain the
3D objects related to the world of the card that
she will choose and start by pulling it out of the
bag. As soon as she completes to find and
explain, she must place that object on big
utopia planet.

Step 5: Bingo! The child is entitled to receive the
card as soon as she finishes it.
Parents must prepare for second round! Who
will be faster? We will see!!


In the Game Box

- Big size futuristic planet map

- 30 double-sized 3D objects

- 5 sustainable world definition cards

- 1 cloth bag

- Instructional guide for parents